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Tattoo Boss – Fun Tats Photobooth and Ink Studio

TattooBoss_Icon_1024Tattoos without the pain! Ever wanted a tattoo but were too afraid to get one? The Boss is here! This simple app will allow you to superimpose fun and unique tattoos to your photos. Surprise your family and friends when you show them your new tattoo. Use this app to shock others or just to see what a tattoo would look like on your body.


Create and send a memorable tattoo photo to the people on your social network with Tattoo Boss. Take a new picture or choose one from your library and add one or more tattoos! Adding a cool looking tattoo to your photos takes seconds and you can share with your friends soon after you take a picture.


The tattoos are arranged in different categories:


  • Classics
  • Skulls
  • Arm Bands
  • Music
  • Animals
  • more!


Once you add one or more of the tattoo images to your photos, you’ll get instant reactions from your friends and family! You can then share your new tattoos to everyone you know. Impress your friends or shock your family when you show them your amazing tattoos.


  • Large gallery of tattoos
  • Resizing, rotating and flipping tattoos for perfect placement
  • Easy sharing on Facebook, Twitter, or email (or save to camera roll)


No need to endure the pain of the needle! Download Tattoo Boss now!