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Stock Car Photobooth – Auto Racing Stickers and Graphics for Your Racecar

Stock Car Photobooth can turn any vehicle into a pro stock car instantly with racing stickers and numbers! Show your friends the coolest car in the neighborhood. Simply take a new picture or choose one from your library and add sponsors, graphics and your favorite stock car racer’s number to your photo! Adding racing graphics takes seconds and you can impress your friends instantly!



Stock car graphics are professionally designed and arranged in different categories.


  • Sponsors 1
  • Sponsors 2
  • Numbers
  • Wheels
  • Decals
  • Pit Road
  • More!


Once you add one or more of the available racing graphics, your vehicle will be transformed into a track ready racing machine for Daytona, Talledega, Pocono and all the other racetracks! You’ll get an instant reaction from friends and family! Then you can share your newly designed stock car through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and email… or just save the image to your device.


Love watching stock car races every weekend? Wait till you show your friends new racing graphics everytime you see them. Works with any vehicle photo including cars, trucks, toy cars, semi-trucks, delivery trucks, etc.


· Clean designs

· Includes numbers from your favorite drivers

· Resizing & rotating for a realistic look

· Simple tapping to rotate through car numbers

· Easy sharing on Facebook, Twitter, or email (or save to camera roll)


You don’t have to wait till this weekend’s race to add racing stickers to your car! Download this app today!