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Ghost Camera Prank- The Apparition Photo Cam with Scary Paranormal Photo Stickers

GhostCamera_Icon_1024Anytime is a good time to freak out your friends with Ghost Camera – The Apparition Photo Prank Cam with Scary Paranormal Photo Stickers. Superimpose spine tingling ghost images into your photos. You can start by snapping a new photo or select one from your  camera roll. Adding a transparent ghost effect takes seconds and you can scare the daylights from your friends and family!

Apparition images are photo realistic and arranged in several categories.

  • Vintage Style Ghosts
  • Maniacs
  • Children
  • Floating Ghosts
  • Zombies
  • Ghostly Shadows
  • More! 


Use this app on your next campout, sleep-over, date night, hike or any occasion where a ghost will liven up the experience! Your victims will soon become true believers of the ghosts among us! They’ll never want to be alone again!