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Fortune Cookie In Bed 2 App

FortuneCookieInBed2_IconFortune Cookie In Bed 2 delivers all new wacky fortune cookie messages to your iPhone and iPad. Tap the cookie to receive a hilarious fortune! Forget the stale, canned messages you usually find. These words of wisdom are sure to crack you up! Crazy mis-fortunes are available for any moment! Lighten up the party with silly words of wisdom and predict your probable future in bed! Simply tap the fortune cookie or shake your device. These fortunes won’t help motivate you but you’ll get a good laugh every time you use Fortune Cookie In Bed 2.

Your destiny and your most outrageous dreams are about to be revealed! Get the last laugh at with Fortune Cookie In Bed 2!


  • Hundreds of Silly Fortunes
  • Easy to Use Shake Feature
  • Save Your Favorites
  • Share on Email, Twitter and Facebook
  • For iPhone/iPad + Retina Display

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Available for download here on the iTunes App Store.

Fortune Cookie Reader App


  • Hundreds of lucky fortunes
  • Easy to Use Shake Feature
  • Save Your Favorite Fortunes
  • Share with Email, Twitter and Facebook
  • For iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch + Retina Display
Fortune Cookie In Bed 2 Screenshots

Disclaimer: Fortune messages are for entertainment purposes only! You should not regard any of the material as truth or as an accurate prediction of the future.